Hitler Goes Ape Shit Over Kevin

So I am listening to Hollywood Babble-On when I hear Kevin announce that he is going to be on Chelsea Lately. The deafening gasps from the audience was hysterical and I think if you listen closely you can actually hear Ralph's heart break. It was a running joke on their podcast that Ralph hated Chelsea Handler, he actually called her a talentless cunt. Now I honestly had no idea who this woman was and when i saw her videos I was pretty indifferent toward her comedy. But I knew a good joke when I saw one so even though the fad had long been over I decided I needed to create my own Downfall parody.

Downfall is a German film about Hitlers last days in the bunker at the end of WWII. It is a very powerful film and of course it has become an internet meme. Everyone and their mother has made their own subtitles. Some have been very funny and others not so much but the joke has long been over. So I wasn't expecting much of a reaction once I posted it on youtube in fact the first few days I had about 5 hits.

Then on a lark I decided to tweet the link to Kevin. I honestly did not think he would see it, I mean he gets like a gazillion tweets a day. But about 10 minutes later he tweets my link and suddenly I go from 6 hits to 11,000 hits!

A few days later suddenly Ralph and Kevin mention me on their show. My mind was blown. They were talking about me and saying I was funny. Even quoting my lines...What the fuck?!

One of the best perks was the amount of comments I received. I never got any feedback on my previous videos but suddenly I was getting comments on almost a daily basis on this video. It was really nice to be told that what I found funny really was. I mean you live by yourself and wonder if the same things you find quirky and funny are something that most folks can relate to.

Flash forward two weeks later, I read that Kevin was doing a signing at Midtown comics. So I figured why not just head down. So after standing in line for 30 minutes I got to meet Kevin Smith. I was probably the most nervous I have ever been in my life. I mean Kevin's work means a lot to me. I remember sitting in my living room watching Chasing Amy and just being blown away that movies could be like this. Its probably the first film that has ever made me scream at the TV set.

So I say hello to Kevin and we shake hand. I quickly mention the Hitler video and wait for him to go "What the fuck are you talking about?" instead he looks at me and says "You're the guy?! You made that video?!" to which i stammer yes.

"Oh man I loved that video! You sir made me laugh"

My head exploded or at least that's what it felt like. I honestly could barely talk after this. He told me my favorite parts to which I gave him my retarded idiot grin. But the best part was that he signed my copy of Chasing Amy with

"To David, You Made A Funnier Flick Than I Ever Could ~Kevin Smith~"

He also autographed my Avatar flesh light can with:

"To David, Think of Ben ~Kevin Smith~"

Fucking Genius!


Episode 2: Cop Rock

This was the first show I ever wanted to review but I decided to focus on 90210 first since it was more well known. I don't get a lot of comments on this episode which is a shame because it was a blast to make. I started out still using the horrible editing program but half way through I discovered Sony Vegas which although complicated (took me a week to learn the basics) it made a huge improvement to the quality of the show.

God I love this horrible show! Hardly anyone even knows about it, in fact most folks usually think I'm pulling their leg when I mention it. I think this episode was also a huge improvement in my writing. A lot of crap wound up on the cutting room floor. I actually had to cut out a lot of insane scenes mostly because it would have confused you guys. Maybe one day I will do a sequel. But if you guys happen to find a copy I highly recommend you pick it up.

So sit back and enjoy the madness.


Episode 1: Beverly Hills 90210

This was my first episode of Boob Tube. Here is a little history about this video. I had never edited any kind of video project before. I did have experience editing audio files from my days working in talk radio, but video was not something I ever dreamed of doing. This all changed when I began to watch The Nostalgia Critic and Spoony videos. I began to have ideas about a show in that vein but focused on something no one else had. So being a TV Junkie it was really a no brainer to make a show poking fun TV's fuck ups. Hence Boob Tube was born.

I used a HD Web Cam to shoot this and a horrible video editing software that crashed if i looked at it at the wrong angle. This took me about a month to make. I wrote the script in about 3 days and shot it all in about 4 hours. The big hurdle was the editing (especially with that piece of shit program) which took me weeks.

Anyway enough talk, enjoy the show!



Hey Guys!

So if you are reading this chances are you saw my Kevin Smith Downfall parody or seen my work at Forces of Geek. Thanks for visiting my site. Here you will find episodes of my web series "It Came From The Boob Tube!" where I review some of TV's biggest blunders. I will also be posting some of my articles that focus on TV Shows. So please leave comments. I value any form of feedback and I promise I wont be a baby about it...well maybe a puddle of sperm.